French Presidential Election and Macron’s Win: An Iranian View

While congratulating the new French President Emmanuel Macron...

Iran, French Elections and EU’s Vague Future

The European Union is going through unordinary conditions...

Central Asian and Caucasus Leaders in joint US, Saudi meeting as Riyadh tries to mount pressure on Tehran

During the recent Arab-Islamic-American Summit...

Hekmatyar’s return to Kabul and its impact on Afghanistan’s national politics>

After a peace deal was signed by the government of Afghanistan...

US, NATO increasing forces in Afghanistan: Strategy or tactic?
Hesamoddin Hojjatzadeh
The war in Afghanistan has become such a war of attrition

Dr. Massoud Rezaei

Japan is one of major economic poles in the modern world... 

Somaye  Morovat
...Following the end of the Cold War, the longstanding supportive

Afghanistan’s Position in New US Administration’s Foreign Policy Approach
Amanollah Safaei

...The third presidential election in Afghanistan, which was held in 2014

Structural Obstacles Facing Promotion of Trump's Russia and Euro-Atlantic Policies
Hossein Mofidi Ahmadi

It seems that the new President of the United States Donald Trump is facing...

Mohammad Zare
Xi Jinping was chosen as secretary general of the Chinese Communist...

In the midst of the ongoing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia...

The geopolitics of West Asia has been changing since the end of the...

Following the end of the presidential election in the United States...

Although following the collapse of the former Soviet Union...

Following the failure of the ceasefire in Syria and the halt in negotiations...

The emergence of the European Union was the product of years... 

The latest contract for provision of US military aid to the Zionist regime...

In the discourse of terrorism, the concept of “lone wolf” is used to...

Normalization of relations between the Zionist regime of Israel...

Hossein Kebriaeizadeh

Since the Palestinian Authority does not enjoy all the characteristics...

Mohaddeseh Heidari

...Positions taken by the United States Republican nominee for 2016
Dr. Alireza Nouri

...Almost half a century after Russian soldiers left Iran’s soil in the

Pir-Mohammad Mollazehi
...In a futuristic approach, it seems that promotion of relations between Iran

Mohammad Khajoue,Senior Middle East Analyst
The recent meeting of the Arab League offered an untouched picture...


Reza Solat
In addition to improvement in Turkey’s relations with Israel and Russia...

Seyed Ali Nejat
Since the very beginning, the ISIS terrorist group has been suffering from...


In the first take, continuation of Russophobic policy of the North Atlantic...

One year following the conclusion of Iran's nuclear agreement with the P5+1 group...

The recent coup attempt against the Turkish government failed due to...

Since the implosion of the former Soviet Union in 1991, Eurasia has been constantly...
Ana Yousefian

Brexit happened. A leading influencing actor in a determining international...

Jahangir Karami

he summit meeting of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation...

As the process of US presidential election in 2016 becomes finalized...

The coasts of Makran or Makuran – as it is pronounced by the local people...

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