Specialized books
According to approved plans of the Institute or orders received, translation or writing of books on certain specialized issues has been among major and regular activities of the Tehran International Studies and Research Institute. In this regard, some of the research projects of the Institute have been made available to interested individuals as books following their completion. Translation of important research projects or books published by creditable foreign research institutes is another case which comes under the general category of “specialized books.”

Reference books
Since its inception, Tehran International Studies and Research Institute has been doing its best to cater to the needs of the country’s scientific community by authoring reference books on the following subjects: 1. research and study centers; 2. experts and specialists; 3. DATA banks; 4. bibliography; 5. concepts and terminologies; and 6. world countries. In line with this policy, Tehran International Studies and Research Institute has put on its agenda collection and authoring of information books on various world countries, topical bibliographies, as well as preparing guides to various research and study centers.

Strategic estimate books
Strategic estimate of target countries has been a goal for Tehran International Studies and Research Institute according to a predetermined model since 2002. In line with this policy, the first volume of these books focusing on strategic estimate of the United States, Egypt and the Zionist regime of Israel was published in 2002. More volumes on strategic estimates on Iraq, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were also published by 2007. These estimates contain a collection of data and analyses, which focus on such issues that are related to target countries as geographical position, territorial topography and natural features, mineral and natural resources, territorial systems and institutions, the pyramid of political power, elites in the political system, constitution, intelligence agencies, political parties, foreign policy, foreign relations as well as threats and vulnerabilities.

Regional books
These books were first published quarterly and are now mostly published on an annual basis and every one of them focuses on a special issue related to countries or regions of interest. Tehran International Studies and Research Institute has made plans and started to author regional books on six topics of interest as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Asia, Europe, the Americas, Middle East, and Africa.

Selected international researches
Given the necessity and importance of access to researches carried out in various countries, the most important research projects carried out in the world, are collected in various ways, summarized and published at the end of every season in a book titled “A Selection of Global Researches” by experts working with this section of the Institute. Here, the focus is especially on such topics as defense and security, strategic issues, issues related to Iran and the Middle East, issues related to Central Asia and Caucasus, issues related to energy, issues related to big global powers, and issues related to disarmament and human rights. At present, and following the publication of five such books on selected researches, this line of work is being continued through biweekly publication of the internal bulletin of the Institute and encompasses all researches conducted on the aforesaid issues in English, German, Arabic, Turkish and Russian.

Selection of global developments
All global events that are in any way related to the interests and national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran at bilateral, regional and international levels, especially with regard to such regions as the Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus, Indian Subcontinent and Europe are studied on the basis of structure of those events, their backgrounds, various views and opinions about them, and finally expert judgments. The result is published in the form of a set of monthly reports as the “book of selected global developments.” At present, 40 volumes of this collection have been published, which are available on a daily basis and in a digital format before 08:30 a.m. every day at the digital library for use by members of the library.

Various kinds of bulletins are prepared by Tehran International Studies and Research Institute according to orders received. In some cases, they are authored in accordance with important global events and developments. This has been one of the persistent services and activities of Tehran International Studies and Research Institute which is provided by bulletins bureau of the institute and experts working with that bureau. Covering important global developments and rendering information services to Iranian officials have been the main goals of these bulletins. Tehran International Studies and Research Institute has been producing various kinds of bulletins as follows since its inception:
Recommendation bulletin: When the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran is going to visit any country, this bulletin is produced beforehand for consideration by the president.
Crisis bulletin: Whenever an international crisis breaks out, Tehran International Studies and Research Institute forms a special ad hoc committee to study and analyze that crisis and provide accurate information on it. So far, four sets of crisis bulletins have been published on September 11 terror attacks on the American soil, titled “America under attack” (eight issues), on the US invasion of Afghanistan, titled “Afghanistan under attack,” (three issues), about the US invasion of Iraq, titled “Iraq under attack,” (in electronic form), and about an address to the US Congress by former US President George W. Bush, who put Iran in the Axis of Evil, titled “America following January 29,” (three issues).
Special bulletin: This kind of bulletin covers various issues in accordance with predetermined goals of the Institute, unexpected developments, as well as orders received by the Institute. This bulletin includes news and analytical texts as well as research and translated texts.
Topical bulletin: This kind of bulletin focuses on the study of various developments in such topical areas as human rights nuclear issues, military developments and so forth, and assesses developments and advances in these areas within a specific period of time.
Regional bulletin: This kind of bulletin is dedicating to monitoring developments and events related to foreign policy, domestic policy, official positions, relations with international organizations as well as economic developments related to a specific geographical expanse (whether a region or a country). The goal is to offer the readers with a logical view for the analysis of the ongoing developments in that country or region.

Analytical reports
In line with its policy of dissemination of accurate and updated information as well as analysis of the latest political and security developments and events in the world, Tehran International Studies and Research Institute has stopped publishing selection of world developments since March 2007 and started producing a new serious of its publications knows as “analytical reports.” These reports are made available to a certain number of high-ranking officials and experts in the country.

Study and research
Such texts are authored according to a decision made by officials of the Institute or orders from a client and are usually the result of a detailed research project. Due to their nature, they are not meant for public use. The first set of “study and research” texts was published for the first time in 2004 and has continued in various fields of interest to the Institute up to the present time. Main goals of these texts are conducting research and disseminating their results on various domestic and regional issues as well as on specific topics.